Tips for Naming Your Blog

Tips for naming your blog can be useful for anyone with a blog for many reasons. Blogging has become very popular with small business owners and with Internet Marketers. Both groups are trying to grab more potential customers and increase sales through the art of blogging. A blog accomplishes these goals because of the ability for interaction between blog owner and blog visitor. Blogging is a perfect platform for anyone trying to sell a product or service, or to educate potential buyers and also for showing them how to use the product or service. As a small business owner or Internet marketer is setting up a blog one task that they face is naming the blog and this can be a stumbling block to those unfamiliar with the importance of the blog’s name.

Why is the Blog’s Name Important?

When searching for information, a product or service, people will use the search engines to locate useful pages such as blogs that contain this desired information. Search engines will pick up keywords or keyword phrases placed in strategic places on these important pieces of Internet real estate within titles, within the content itself, the domain name and the name of the blog. If your blog is about dog training and the name of your blog is Dog Training Made Easy the search engines are going to pick up on the keywords “dog training” within the name of the blog when people searching on the search engine have used these same keywords, and like magic your blog has been found and you have a visitor.

Tips for Naming Your Blog

To keep this visitor coming back to your blog your blog name should be easy to remember. In order for you to attract targeted visitors the name of your blog should adequately describe the content of the blog. The name should convey that the blog contains what the visitor is searching for so that they will be attracted to your listing when they land on a results page of their favorite search engine. As an example if someone was searching for information about dog training and the search engine pulled up the following blogs which blog name would you click on?

  1. All about dogs
  1. Pet Owners Paradise
  1. Dog Training Made Easy

You would click on the last one in the list right? The name tells the person searching that the blog will contain information about dog training and that it will be easy.

There are other ways to name a blog that can make your blog stand out from the crowd such as naming the blog using the name of the company, one of the popular products being sold or by giving it a unique and memorable name. Naming the blog using the company name is one way of using branding. Branding is good because potential buyers will associate the name with what you sell. A unique memorable name such as something that is cool or catchy can also be descriptive of your product or service and therefore make the visitor remember your blog better. No matter which way you decide to go with naming your blog; keyword/keyword phrase, using your company name or product name or by using a memorable and catchy name; you are sure to have a winner on your hands. These tips for naming your blog should have your creative juices flowing so we wish you good luck.