Best Blog Name Guideline

This is the best blog name guideline that you will find online so grab your favorite beverage and explore the ins and outs of naming your blog. You have a fantastic idea for a blog and are enthusiastic about blogging about your product or services so that your customers can relate to your company and hopefully purchase from you. That is great! Blogging is an interactive platform that allows business owners to communicate with and receive feedback from potential customers and current customers. A blog can tell people about what specials you are running, it can describe a new product or service and it can inform blog visitors about how to use a product or service. It can also relate company information like where the company is located, company hours and contact information. A blog is a very useful tool for smart business owners. The blog name is therefore very important because it is perhaps the best way that online visitors find your blog when searching for information about your products or services.

A blog name is not just some words you throw up when creating your blog. If you are serious about getting traffic to your blog you will need to understand that the blog’s name is one tool that can be optimized for targeting blog visitors. The blog name should contain your main keyword/keyword phrase. The blog name can also contain your domain name or your most popular product name. A name is not just a word it should describe your blog without being too general or nondescript.

Popular Blog Names…

  • Describe the blog content
  • Tell visitors what they will find if they click on the blog’s link on a search results page
  • Blog names can target people from a certain location or visitors to that location
  • Blog names can be catchy, contain taglines or be a part of your branding
  • Are easy to remember because they are short, funny, contain a brand name or are unusual or catchy

Best Blog Names…

  • Contain your main keyword/keyword phrase
  • Contain words visitors are most likely to use when searching for the information contained on your website
  • Contain your domain name
  • Contain your location name
  • Contain the name of your most popular product or service

Bad Blog Names…

  • Are long and hard to remember
  • Contain unusual words that would not likely be used in searches
  • Are unrelated to your blog’s content

When naming your blog stay away from those items in the bad blog names list and concentrate on using the items in the best blog names list and popular blog names list. After going through these lists it is a good idea to come up with a few possible blog names and then ask family and friends to give you feedback about the names. Would they remember the blog name? Would they associate your product or service with the name? This feedback can be very valuable and you may also be given more names to consider. When you have a possible name do a search online to see if anyone else has used that name or a similar name. You should now have a good foundation for naming your blog after reading this best blog name guideline.