Name a Blog Wisely

Name a blog wisely because if you don’t you won’t have many visitors to your blog. A nondescript name will not tell a visitor anything about what they may find on the blog and they will choose not to visit your blog. A name that is difficult to remember won’t bring visitors back to your blog. The best blog names are those that describe what the blog is about so the visitor will know if they should click on it or not. A blog name that is catchy will stick in the mind of the visitor and help them to recall the blog’s name later so they can search for it and find it. Short, easy to spell blog names are also good because visitors will remember them more easily. If you are a business owner and have used branding then continue this with your blog by naming your blog with your brand name or brand catch phrase.

Naming your blog should be something you do with some thought and research because your blog name is important when it comes to attracting blog visitors. Do some research to discover what keywords people use when looking for your product or service and use a high ranking keyword in your blog’s name. Ask trusted friends about names you are considering to get their feedback because this could be valuable. One excellent place to discover some interesting viable blog names is to visit Technorati Top 100. How did these blog owners name their popular blogs?

Follow These Blog Naming Tips and You will Name a Blog Wisely:

  • The name must describe the content on your blog
  • The blog’s name must be easy to remember
  • The blog name can be the same or similar to the domain name
  • The blog name can be catchy and memorable to increase repeat visits
  • Use your main keyword in your blog’s name
  • You can also use a tag line in your blog name
  • The blog’s name should not be too general
  • Help your reader to connect with your blog by giving it a name that will leave no doubt in the visitors mind what the blog is all about or what information they will find when they land on your blog.

Name a blog wisely and your visitors will be able to identify with you, will be attracted to your blog and will remember your blog’s name long after they have clicked away. You want visitors to easily find you if they are searching for your services or products or your company in particular so using what they are most likely to search for in your blog’s name will result in easier and more accurate search results. If you are known for the best Coney dogs in New York than understand that people trying to find you may be searching for New York Coney Dogs so use that as your blog’s name. You will be glad you took the time to come up with the right blog name when you see your visitor counter rise.