How To Name A Blog That Attracts Targeted Visitors

How to name a blog that attracts targeted visitors may not be important to all blog owners. There are many blogs located on the World Wide Web but not all of them are getting visitors. Some blogs are for personal enjoyment or are designed for a specific group of people such as an organization. Blog owners selling products and services are not happy with just any type of visitor; they want to attract visitors that are also buyers. This type of blog owner would understand the importance of the blog name and have the need for naming the blog so that it will attract hungry buyers.

The 3 popular ways to name a blog:

There are 3 popular ways that a blog owner may go about naming a blog. They can take advantage of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques and use a keyword or keyword phrase that through research has shown to be what his potential buyers are searching for which would then pull in targeted visitors to his blog. Another way to name a blog would be to use the company name or a popular product name that the company sells. A third popular way to name a blog is to use a unique, catchy or memorable blog name.

If a blog sells golf apparel a good keyword rich blog name may be:

  • Quality Golf Apparel
  • Affordable Golf Apparel
  • Team Golf Apparel

These are all good blog names that use keywords/keyword phrases and would attract targeted visitors to the blog.

If the name of the company is Green Acres Golf Apparel then the blog owner could name the blog: Green Acres Golf Apparel.

If the owner of the blog wanted to use a catchy name to make his blog memorable he may name the blog: Fairway Fashions.

The name of the blog should accurately describe what the blog is about so if your blog is about selling golf lessons make the name tell the visitor that he or she will find information about golf lessons when they land on the blog.

The blog could have the name of:

  • Golf Lessons for Beginners
  • Buy One Get One Free Golf Lessons
  • Golf Lessons for Senior Citizens

If your company sells celebrity golf balls and the product is called: Celeb Golf Balls a good name for the blog would be Celeb Golf Balls.

These concepts for naming a blog may seem simple to you but you would be surprised by how many blogs exist that have names that have nothing to do with the topic of the blog, with the company or with any products or services sold by the company.

One other aspect that you may consider when naming your blog is location. If you are looking to attract mainly local visitors to your blog you may consider putting the name of the city in your blog such as:

  • Best Golf Apparel in Cleveland
  • Cleveland’s Most Affordable Golf Apparel
  • Fairway Fashion in Cleveland

How to name a blog that attracts targeted visitors should no longer be a mystery to you because you have many blog naming options open to you. Whether you name a blog using keywords, a catchy name or phrase, your company name or with a location name you are sure to attract hungry buyers to your blog and increase sales.